Radhanath Swami

The Journey Home Book Review

Vijay Bhatkar Review on Radhanath Swami’s Book

Vijay Bhatkar on Radhanath Swami's Journey Home Book

Vijay Bhatkar on Journey Home Book

The Journey Home is a spellbinding autobiographical narrative, permeated with the devotion and determination of Richard Slavin ( Radhanath Swami)

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Venugopal N. Dhoot Review on Journey Home Book


Venugopal Doot Videocon Chairman

Radhanath Swami’s life history is an inspirational road map for an ordinary person. [His] profound vision, intellectual power, strong determination, and extra-ordinary personality is embedded in each page of the book.”

–Venugopal N. Dhoot, Chairman, Videocon Group of Companies

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