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The Journey Home Book Review

Charles S.J White on Radhanth Swami’s Book


What is particularly remarkable about Radhanath Swami’s The Journey Home is the striking detail of his descriptions of his daily existence on the spiritual path…. All of these is set forth in an elegantly clear[language] that completely avoids ambiguity.

— CHARLES S. J. WHITE, PH.D., Professor Emeritus, American University, Washington, D.C.

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Reader’s Review – Add Your Reviews

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Reader's Review On Radhanath Swami's Book - The Journey Home

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Lucy James on Radhanth Swami’s Book

Lucy James Review on Radhanath Swami's Book

Lucy James

“If a person does not have an ideal he’s ready to die for, he has nothing really
meaningful to live for”. This statement encapsulates the spirit behind Richard
Slavin’s journey home – a journey that was all part of a beautiful plan. In reading “The Journey Home – Autobiography of an American Swami”, one is struck by the kind of life that Richard Slavin (Radhanath Swami) led, or rather, was chosen to lead. The events that Radhanath Swami narrates are almost the stuff of fiction, and the reader sometimes forgets that it is an autobiography!

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Norman Jewison on Radhanath Swami’s Book


Norman Jewison Review On The Journey Home Book

“Journey From Malibu to Mumbai Radhanath Swami’s search for enlightenment is a quest that you will never forget.”

Norman Jewison,
(Canadian film director, producer, actor)

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Sourav Ganguly on Radhanath Swami’s Book


Saurabh Ganguly

The Journey Home is a generational classic. It portrays an American teenager’s search for meaning and fulfillment in the turbulent world we live in. He travels across Europe, the Middle East and into the mystical world of India. It’s a tale of adventure, humor and love. I recommend the Journey Home as a must read for seekers of all sorts.”

Sourav Ganguly,
Former Indian Test Cricketer, and captain of the Indian national team

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Hrishikesh Mafatlal on Journey Home Book

Hrishikesh Mafatlal Review On The Journey Home

Hrishikesh Mafatlal Review On The Journey Home

“THE JOURNEY HOME” IS AN INCREDIBLE ACCOUNT of Radhanath Swami’s tremendous determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. What is amazing to see is how Swamiji’s burning desire to seek God started so early in his life, and never waned in spite of unceasing impediments. Indeed, quite remarkably, these impediments were seen by him very philosophically and accepted with gratitude! It is also heartening to see Radhanath Swami’s gift of observing the smallest detail and his amazing memory to be able to recollect experiences occurring almost 40 years ago with such great detail.

Swamiji’s moving story also brings to the fore his compassion for the materially poor, but spiritually vibrant, citizens of India. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sharon Gannon on Radhanath Swami’s Book

Sharon Gannon Review On The Journey Home Book

Sharon Gannon

BOOKS LIKE THE JOURNEY HOME provide us with a profound opportunity to enter into presence—to have satsang—with spiritual seekers, saints, and holy beings through reading about their lives. This can cause a transformation of our whole being because we become like the company we keep.

Sharon Gannon,

(Author, Jivamukti Yoga, And Vegetarianism)

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